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October 12, 2008
Tucson Arizona Music Scene

The Films - Official Selections:

Opening Night Film
The Arizona Premiere of "Throw Down Your Heart"
Directed by Sascha Paladino

The film follows banjo virtuoso Bela Fleck on his journey to Africa to explore the little-known African roots of the banjo and record an album. Awarded Best Music Documentary at the ’08 Silverdocs and 24 Beats Per Minute Audience Winner at SXSW 2008.

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Centerpiece Film
West Coast Premiere of “Nowhere Now: The Ballad of Joshua Tree
Directed by Don DiNicola

Documentary about the eclectic, non-conformist desert music-scene of Joshua Tree, CA, featuring musical artists Victoria Williams, Eric Burdon, Gram Rabbit and The Sibleys, and more.

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Special Feature
The US Premiere of “Slide Guitar Ride” featuring Bob Log III
Directed by Bernd Schoch, Germany

A loving and quirky portrait of Tucson’s beloved denizen Bob Log III, the infamous one-man band from Tucson, Arizona. Costumed in a bubble-mask motorcycle helmet with a phone receiver for a microphone, Log plays manic, delta blues slide guitar.

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Closing Night Film
Southwest Premiere of “Nerdcore For Life.”
Directed by Dan Lamoureux

A documentary about Hip Hop’s latest internet-born subgenre Nerdcore. The film spotlights the “Geek Life’s” biggest boasters, and features interviews and performances from MC Chris (Aqua Teen Hunger Force), YTCracker, MC Lars, Doc Popular and more.

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Throw Down Your Heart (Arizona Premiere)

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Dir. Sascha Paladino
The Old School Ltd.
USA/2008/97 min.

"Throw Down Your Heart" follows American banjo virtuoso Bela Fleck on his journey to Africa to explore the little known African roots of the banjo and record an album. Bela’s boundary-breaking musical adventure takes him to Uganda, Tanzania, The Gambia, and Mali, and provides a glimpse of the beauty and complexity of Africa. Using his banjo, Bela transcends barriers of language and culture, finding common ground and forging connections with musicians from very different backgrounds. 

Throw Down Your Heart

Thursday, October 9th


Nerdcore For Life (Southwest Premiere)

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Dir. Daniel Lamoureux
Crapbot Productions
USA/2008/84 min

Nerdcore For Life profiles the fascinating and tumultuous world of Nerdcore Hip-Hop. Born on the internet, 'geek rap' is breaking out into the real world at a lightning pace. Filmed over the course of two years, the documentary follows the top names in this new genre as they celebrate 'Geek Life' and their love of hip-hop, fight anti-nerd stereotypes and attempt to overcome the common obstacles that block musicians of all genres from fulfilling their dreams. 

Featuring: MC Chris, MC Lars, ytcracker, Doc Popular and more.

Nerdcore for Life

Sunday, October 12th


Nowhere Now - The Ballad Of Joshua Tree
(West Coast Premiere)

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Dir. Don DiNicola
Prod. Petina Cole
DP. John Pirozzi
DiNicola Films/Red Horse Productions
USA/2008/72 min

Featuring Eric Burdon, Gram Parsons, Victoria Williams, Gram Rabbit, The Sibleys, Ted Quinn and Emily Adams.

Joshua Tree, the high desert community outside Los Angeles, has become a mecca for exciting musical voices.  This place—its history and traditions, its isolation from urban centers, and its unique atmosphere and community—have contributed to this phenomenon.   Each writer-performer has his or her unique story, but all have had to face the conflict between maintaining their identity as performers and the struggle to survive in the music industry.  The film paints a portrait of life in the desert, far from big music industry, while examining our notions of success and failure.   Shot on the beautiful backdrop of high desert in springtime, featured artists include Eric Burdon, Gram Parsons, Victoria Williams, Gram Rabbit, The Sibleys, Ted Quinn, and Emily Adams, among others.

Nowhere Now

Saturday, October 11th


Slide Guitar Ride (US Premiere)

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Dir. Bernd Schoch
GERMANY/2006/81 min

Bob Log III is a one-man band from Tucson, Arizona, “the only band in the world you can sit on.” Releasing records and touring as his own truly surreal one-man-band, Log appears on stage in a bubble mask motorcycle helmet with a phone receiver glued to the visor as a microphone. The film follows this manic Delta Blues slide guitar player on tour – as he wows crowds in backyards, laundry-mats and big concert halls around the globe.

Slide Guitar Ride

Friday, October 10th


A Deal Is A Deal (US Premiere)

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Dir. Jonathan Gershfield
Rovinge Motion Picture Company
UK/2008/95 min.

London subway driver Paul (Mackenzie Crook, BBC’s The Office, Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy) has had two unfortunate accidents in as many weeks. Traumatized but completely blameless, his fellow drivers inform him of the 'Three Strike' rule; three fatal accidents within a month and you're out of a job ... but with a huge pay off! A chance meeting with suicidal Tommy (Colm Meaney. Star Trek) starts Paul thinking about rigging the system and cashing in. Paul and Tommy strike a bargain and the deal is set. But after a weekend spent tying up loose ends together, the men each find something that has eluded them both for years -- true friendship. But on Monday morning, they are back to the reality of the deal they struck. And a deal is a deal.

A Deal is a Deal Sunday, October 12th

Adventures of Power (AZ Premiere)

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Dir. Ari Gold
The Group Entertainment
USA/2007/85 min

• Q&A with filmmaker followed by special musical performance of the Gold Brothers on Saturday night.

ADVENTURES OF POWER is the story of a small-town mine-worker named Power who’s obsessed with drums. Only problem is, he’s never played them--so he has become an expert “air-drummer,” a skill which so far has not earned him respect from his union-leader father, or from the working-class town. He soon discovers an underground network of people who play “air drums” competitively and his life changes forever.

Gold Brothers on Saturday night “at PLUSH.”

Adventures of Power Saturday, October 11th

Teary Sockets (West Coast Premiere)

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Dir. Jackson Anderson
Cloud Chamber Productions
USA/2008/78 min.

The story of Bobby Tear, lead singer of the Teary Sockets, an emo band from LA, and founder of an animal rights organization, People for the Protection of Mammals, dedicated to the prevention of bovine abuse. But nothing about Bobby is what it seems. When the band runs out of funds, its forced to travel to Mississippi to try and get the money from Bobby's rich but eccentric father. The clash of cultures ends up having national consequences, when the band releases a group of genetically engineered cattle and find themselves labeled as domestic terrorists. 

Teary Sockets Sunday, October 12th

Your Name Here (AZ Premiere)

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Dir. Tamar Halpern
Tamaroland Pictures
USA/2008/83 min.

Your Name Here is the story of two teen boys who want to start a band and all the crazy adults who get involved. With all music written and performed by the teen leads, this improvised film is a 'Once' for teens and tweens. Remember when you thought anything was possible?

Your Name Here Sunday, October 12th

Anvil! The Story Of Anvil (Arizona Premiere)

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Dir. Sacha Gervasi
Metal On Metal Productions
USA/2008/80 min

At 14 years old, best friends "Lips" and Robb Reiner made a pact to rock together forever.  Their band Anvil influenced a musical generation but never made it.  Lips and Robb, now in their fifties, set off in one last attempt to fulfill their boyhood dreams.

Anvil! Saturday, October 11th

Full Moon Lightnin' (West Coast Premiere)

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Dir. John Gardiner
Willow Tree Films
USA/2008/93 min.

It has been over 60 years since New York City bluesman, Floyd Lee, left the hill country of Mississippi and with his exodus he turned his back on a troubled childhood and a harsh life in the cotton fields. Abandoned by a mother he never knew, Floyd still wrestles with unanswered questions to his mysterious and painful past. Now at the age of 73, Floyd and his band embark on a deeply personal journey back home to Mississippi to reconnect with the family he left behind and search for the family he never knew. Along the way they are forced to deal with a tragedy that will change their lives forever. From independent filmmaker, John Gardiner, comes the powerful and gripping story of Floyd Lee.

Full Moon Lightnin' Saturday, October 11th

Martino Unstrung (West Coast Premiere)

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Dir. Ian Knox
Sixteen Films
UK/2008/82 min.

Director Ian Knox and Neuropsychologist Paul Broks travel America in search of the soul of the legendary jazz guitar great Pat Martino. Tracing his remarkable return from the depths of amnesia to the peak of artistic achievement, Broks explores the nature of memory, self, creativity and the mysterious brian mechanisms underlying the construction of personal identity. What is the self? How much change can it survive? Pat Martino is an unlikely American hero whose moving story holds meaning for us all. 

Pat Martino: Unstrung Sunday, October 12th

Song Sung Blue (Arizona Premiere)

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Dir. Greg Kohs
Corn Filmworks, Inc.
USA/2008/87 min.

SONG SUNG BLUE is a documentary feature film that tells the alternately inspiring and tragic love story of Lightning & Thunder, a homegrown Milwaukee husband and wife singing duo who pay tribute to the music of Neil Diamond.

Song Sung Blue Sunday, October 12th

Bola De Oro (World Premiere)

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Dir. Ari Palos
Dos Vatos Productions
USA/2006/9 min

An investigation of the unique musical heritage on the isthmus of Oaxaca.

Bola De Oro Saturday, October 11th

New Uke City (West Coast Premiere)

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Dir. Clyde Folley
Vassar College
USA/2007/20 min

'NEW UKE CITY is an exploration of New York's thriving ukulele community based around the monthly Ukulele Cabaret, a 'six-hour ukulele behemoth' where ukulele players of all backgrounds gather and let loose. Styles range from tin pan alley, metal, new wave, and showtunes. The film follows Jason, Gio, Jamie and Ziggy from the stage to their everyday lives to illustrate the relationship between their lives, the instrument, and the city. Distorted ukuleles? Check. Bucket of slime? Check. This ain't yo mama's ukulele music.

New Uke City Sunday, October 12th

Squirrel Nut Zippers "Musical Candy"
(Southwest Premiere)

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Dir. Clay Walker
Plan B Productions®
USA/completed 1996; re-mastered & restored 2008 /25 min

"Musical Candy" is the documentary by filmmaker Clay Walker on the North Carolina music group the 'Squirrel Nut Zippers.' The film was created during 1995-1996 prior to the Zipper's release of the 'Hot' album and their rise to worldwide popularity. The documentary features live performances from their first California tour including performances at KCRW and Cafe du Norde.

Musical Candy Sunday, October 12th

Vinyl Scrapyard (West Coast Premiere)

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Dir. Billups Allen
USA/2008/30 min

Vinyl Scrapyard is a documentary about the death of the independent record store as told through the anecdotes and opinions of the clerks who run them. Shot in Washington D.C., Houston, Tucson and Memphis, the film presents the record store as a cultural phenomenon and explores the dangers of removing human contact from the music buying process.  

Vinyl Scrapyard Sunday, October 12th

A Song Without A Name (World Premiere)

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Dir. Chris Newberry
USA/2008/16 min.

In a bold move, an amateur musician chooses a camping trip as a second date with his new love interest. What starts as an awkward occasion gradually becomes a true getting-to-know-you opportunity.

A Song Without a Name Saturday, October 11th

AL's BEEF (Arizona Premiere)

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Dir. Dennis Hauck
USA/2008/35 min.

Bloodied, barefoot, and branded like cattle, a mysterious woman comes to town with an aim to kill the man that done her wrong.

Al's Beef Saturday, October 11th

Beatgirl - A Piece of Action! (Arizona Premiere)

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Dir. Martin Leeper
USA/2006/3 min.

BeBop, DooWop and Pow! A hero who likes the dance as much as the fight, hitting the beats of the music and beating the hits of the bad guys! 

Beatgirl Sunday, October 12th

Birds (West Coast Premiere)

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Dir. Mark Betancourt
USA/2007/17 min.

The surreal, funny and sometimes absurd relationship of an older couple, one of whom is afflicted with the onset of dementia.

Birds Saturday, October 11th

Cowboy: A Love Story (Arizona Premiere)

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Dir. Jenny McNabb
USA/2008/5:24 min.

COWBOY tells the sly tale of a delusional young ranch hand who travels to the city on foot to win back his one true love. While her disapproving family has warned him away, and she seems unresponsive, he remains obsessed.

Cowboy: A love story Saturday, October 11th
December Story (Arizona Premiere)
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Dir. Jacob Rosenberg
Formika Films
USA/2007/12 min.
With a faded polaroid and fragmented memories, Natalie revisits the last place she remembers being with her father in order to remember what he looked like and understand why he left her. 

December Story Saturday, October 11th

Empty House (World Premiere)

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Dir. Sean Christensen
Square One Cinema, LLC
USA/2008/5 min.

'Empty House' is an experimental documentary that focuses on the residue of memories trapped in physical objects and the rooms in which we live. Based on a true story, it depicts a family torn apart by divorce - told through the perspectives of the house and furniture that they used to own. Utilizing mixed media, home movies and doll house miniature models, the film creates a collage of mixed media to provoke the subconscious and stir the imaginations of the audience. 

Empty House Saturday, October 11th

Four Minutes 'til Noon (Arizona Premiere)

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Dir. Jonathan Taylor
USA/2008/4 min

A veteran gunslinger prepares himself to take another life, but rookie gunslinger Dusty Rider is a force to be reckoned with. As the clock ticks down, tensions rise and the stand-off culminates in an unsuspected conclusion.

Four Minutes 'til Noon Saturday, October 11th

Make My Day (West Coast Premiere)

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Dir. Pelle Møller
M&M Productions 
Denmark/2008/9 min.

Make My Day is a short about a man arriving to the emergency hall together with his son, who has sprained his ankle after being bullied in school. The father has always told his son not to let anybody bring him down. But when the attending doctor turns out to be one of the boys who bullied the father back in his school days, the father becomes very submissive. And suddenly it is the son who has to stand up for his father. 

Make My Day Saturday, October 11th

Passion To The Max

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Dir. Felix Allen
IMMIX Motion Pictures
USA/2006/9 min.

In the post-apocalyptic near future, the world as we knew it is no more. Roaming bands of men control the land, they are known as Missionaries. These Missionaries created a new religion known as the Church of the Post-Apocalyptic Saints. But one man remembers a different religion, an ancient religion, and he has returned to his action-hero roots to defend his faith. That man is Mel Gibson, and he has... Passion to the Max.

Passion to Max Saturday, October 11th

The Skooks (US Premiere)

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Dir. Norwood Cheek
Flicker Los Angeles
USA/2008/6 min

'Lill Skooks lives in her own world. A normal neighborhood, on a normal day, but everything is far from normal for the Skooks family. 

The Skooks Saturday, October 11th

The Line

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Dir. Kent Bassett
Sleeper Productions
USA/2007/23 min.

Alvaro Nuñez has crossed the border many times, but this time is different: his son Omar is coming with him to live and work in the U.S. For Danny Jackson, the Arizona borderland is home, although since his mother left he has been struggling to adjust to life there with his father Luke. The Line follows these fathers and sons as they attempt to rebuild their relationships under new circumstances, an endeavor made even more important by the high stakes of life at the border. When their paths cross, each person, and each family, is changed forever. 

The Line Saturday, October 11th
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"8 Lineas" by Violadores del Verso (US Premiere)
Dir. Alberto Blanco
Malgenio Films / Playtime Audiovisuales
SPAIN/2007/6 min.

Music video by the hip-hop artist - Violadores del Verso. 

8 Lineas Sunday, October 12th

"Bubblecraft" featuring Pilotdrift (Arizona Premiere)
Dir. Geoff Marslett
Swerve Pictures
USA/2006/6 min.

Bubblecraft is a story of everyday people. Workdays are okay. School is so-so. Life isn’t bad, but it isn’t that good either. What does it take to pull them out of their humdrum day-to-day worlds? A bubblecraft...

Bubblecraft Sunday, October 12th

"Care For Some Whiskey?" by Leerone (Arizona Premiere)
Dir. Hank Friedmann
USA/2008/3:17 min.

'Care For Some Whiskey?' - a stop-motion/live action music video which takes us through Leerone's fantasy world.

Care for some Whiskey Sunday, October 12th

"Clouds Cover Everything" by New Radiant Storm King (World Premiere)
Dir. Jay Hollinsworth
Pedestrian Productions
USA/2008/3 min.

Inhabitants of a seemingly vacant world sleepwalk through their daily activities, the eventual appearance of darkness and clouds not the traditional harbingers of doom, but of possibility and change.

Clouds over Everything Sunday, October 12th

"Creepy" by The Mission Creeps (AZ Premiere)
Dir. Gene Torres
USA/2008/3 min.

Rock out to the creepy horror-surf sound of Tucson's The Mission Creeps.

Creepy Sunday, October 12th

"Falling From Mars" by Alyssa Suede (Southwest Premiere)
Dir. Tracie Laymon
Silent Fire
USA/2007/4:21 min.

Alyssa Suede finds herself alone on Mars and recalls memories of her long lost love.

Falling from Mars Sunday, October 12th

"Final" by Jose Saavedra (World Premiere)
Dir. J.M. Aragón
Pan Left Productions
USA/2008/4:30 min.

Music video featuring Jose Saavedra performing "Final" with the La Desgracia ensemble at PLUSH in Tucson.

Final Sunday, October 12th

"Hold Your Breath and Brace For The Crash" by Man On Earth (West Coast Premiere)
Dir. Ian Fischer
Fischtick Productions
USA/2007/4 min.

The band Man on Earth shoots guerrilla style all over New York City. No permits, no rules, no permission. What Rock and Roll is all about. 

Hold Your Breath Before the Crash Sunday, October 12th

"House Of Cards" by Radiohead
Dir. James Frost
Zoo Films / Blip Boutique
USA/2008/4:34 min.

The first live action music video shot entirely with lasers and scanners and without the use of any cameras.   Followed by exclusive behind the scenes look at  “making of” the music video.

Radiohead - House of Cards Sunday, October 12th

The Illogic Of A Dream Had Taken Over Completely (West Coast Premiere)
Dir. Ruby Quincunx
USA/2008/5 min.

An investigation of cinematic rhythms & harmonies (color, movement, image) in terms of the (il)logic of a dream of longing.

The Illogic Of The Dream Had Taken Over Completely Sunday, October 12th

"Kill Box" by German Hernandez (World Premiere)
Dir. Mischa Cantu
Slain Gecko Productions
USA/2008/4:40 min.

Powered by compelling electronic music from German Hernandez, this music video challenges viewers to realize what incredible danger our soldiers were exposed to during the testing of atomic bombs in New Mexico in the 1940s.

Kill Box Sunday, October 12th

"Mundo Caliente" (World Premiere)
Dir. Bob Barancik
Creative Ledge Studio
USA/2008/4 min.

'Mundo Caliente' explores the industrial world's seductive and frenzied dance with fossil fuels. It incorporates sizzling Latin music, passionate paintings and provocative documentary footage.

Mundo Caliente Sunday, October 12th

"Night Lies" by Bang Camaro (US Premiere)
Dir. Michael Pope
Ralph Jaccodine Management 
USA/2008/4 min

Bang Camaro haunt The Longshadow Bar as an aging rock hipster attempts to seduce an experienced club-going temptress. "Night Lies" recounts the age-old story that love is not found at the bottom of the bottle.

Night Lies Sunday, October 12th

“Quiet As A Mouse” by Margot and The Nuclear So & So’s (US Premiere)
Dir. Mike Jenson
Epic Records
USA/2006/4 min.

This is the story of a peaceful mouse island invaded by pirate cats. The images are original Stacey Novak oil paintings animated by Café Noir. Original concept by Richard Edwards and Chris Fry.

Quiet as a Mouse Sunday, October 12th
"Rest My Chemistry" by INTERPOL (AZ Premiere)
Dir. Blip Boutique
Capitol Music Group
USA/2008/5 min.
Rest My Chemistry Sunday, October 12th
"Seeing Hands" by Dengue Fever (Arizona Premiere)
Dir. Lance Acord
M80 Music
USA/2008/3:16 min.
From the album Venus On Earth, the music video for "Seeing Hands" was directed by cinematographer Lance Acord (Lost In Translation, Marie Antoinette) in Los Angeles.
Seeing Hands Sunday, October 12th

“Still Waiting” by Greyboy Allstars (Arizona Premiere)
Dir. Matt Goldman & Josh Hassin
Akjak Moving Pictures
USA/2008/3:34 min.

“Still Waiting” takes place in a depression era juke box joint inspired by the infamous “Sugar Shack” painting from the credit sequence of the television show Good Times.  Only in this joint, everyone including the band are Jim Henson-esque puppets.  Slapstick chaos ensues while the band plays on.

Still Waiting Sunday, October 12th

"Super Hero Mother-F@#*ker Superman" by Allhelluja (US Premiere)
Dir. Chad Michael Ward
EslingerJoyce Entertainment
USA/2007/4:28 min.

A cowboy renegade meets his match when he drives along a desert highway and comes across three bikini bandits. They are armed with sex appeal and ready to steal his heart...and his stuff! 

Super Hero Mother-F@#*ker Superman Sunday, October 12th
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