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 11, 2010
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Call for Entries FAQ:




How can I submit my project for Tucson Film & Music Festival 2012?
You can apply and submit now until August 10, 2012. You can submit to the Tucson Film & Music Festival either here by downloading a PDF application form to send in with your check/money order or via WithoutABox at www.withoutabox.com where you can pay fees online by credit card.


What format should I use to submit my film?
We only accept NTSC Region 0/1-compatible DVDs or BluRay discs for preview. We cannot view PAL or BETA tapes or PAL DVDs. Please be sure to label your DVD with the project's title, contact info and Total Run Time.


If I use the online form at WithoutABox to submit my work, when do you need to have my DVD screener?
By July 30, 2012 for the regular deadline and August 10, 2012 for the late deadline. Note that the early entry discount is to reward filmmakers who deliver their films to us early. If you submit your film online and pay the early entry fee, your film must be postmarked by the early entry deadline.


I would love to submit my film to your festival but I am out of funds. Can you waive the submission fee?
Unfortunately, no. TFMF relies on your submissions to put on and promote the festival so that it is a rewarding experience for filmmakers and filmgoers alike. Enter early to take advantage of our early entry fee, and if you are a member of Withoutabox, you will receive a discount on all entry fees. Students also receive a discount for shorts and music video submissions.


Are you accepting features?
Yes, we accept Features, Shorts and Music Videos.


My short film is over 20 minutes long, does this mean I can't submit to your festival?
Due to our limited screening times we have determined that short films under 20 minutes suit our festival the best. If you really think that your film is something we have to see, please send a detailed synopsis of your film, along with any other applicable information (past screenings, director bio, etc) to submissions@tucsonfilmandmusicfestival.com and someone will get back to you. Do not apply or send us a screener – we will let you know if we are interested in previewing your film.


I have three music videos/short films that I want to submit. Can I submit all three on one DVD?
Yes. However, each project you submit must be accompanied by a separate entry form and entry fee.


If I send a self-addressed and stamped envelope will you return my screener and press materials?
No. Save yourself extra postage and stamps - all materials submitted to TFMF will become the property of the festival, including your self addressed stamped envelope. We will not return any submitted materials, so please don't send us your only DVD copy or your one set of stills.


Does Tucson Film and Music Festival have a section for television shows (series/miniseries/made-for-TV movies)?
No. But if you think your television show/series/miniseries/made-for-TV movie can pass as a stand-alone short film, feel free to submit it.


What formats do you screen?
It doesn't matter what your film/music video was shot on, but if your work is selected to screen at the Tucson Film & Music Festival, you will be required to submit: for Features: BluRay, DVD, miniDV, DVcam; For Shorts: miniDV, HDVcam, DVcam or uncompressed Quicktime file of your film by the requested deadline.


Is my film acceptable for your festival?
We can only judge that once we've seen it, but we will accept any film or video project in any genre (animation, live-action, documentary, experimental, etc.) as long as it meets our requirements. Please read the entry rules on our website to find the details of our submission requirements. If you have read the entry rules and are still not sure whether or not your film is acceptable, then submit it and find out!


Does my music video have to have been made for a label? Does it have to have aired?
No and no. We accept spec music video. In fact, we encourage them!


Just an inquiry into whether or not you except entries from the UK?
UK, Uganda, Ukraine, send us your films! We happily accept international entries, and the submission fees are the same as for U.S. entries. If you do submit, please make sure you send your entry fee in U.S. dollars.


My film/music video was made in the year 2009, but I think it's something that you are really going to want in your festival! Can you waive the time requirements?
As fabulous as your film/music video is, if it wasn't completed after January 1, 2010 we can't screen it at the Tucson Music & Film Festival. We want to present the freshest work out there to our audience. Get cracking on something new so you're ready to submit to next year's TFMF!


Why should I submit my film/music video to the Tucson Film & Music Festival?
Cuz it's the best film festival in Tucson.


How will I know if my film was selected for TFMF?
We will be notifying selected entrants via email on or around August 20, 2012. If any of your contact information has changed since you submitted to TFMF, please let us know by emailing your updated information to submissions@tucsonfilmandmusicfestival.com.


If my film is selected for Tucson Film & Music Festival, what do I do?
After we notify the selected entries, we will give you all of the instructions on what you need to provide us for screening purposes, as well as any other information we will need, and instructions for RSVPing for the event, if you are able to attend.


If my film gets into your festival, will you pay for me to attend?
Unfortunately, our budget does not allow for us to pay for travel and/or lodging expenses for filmmakers to attend the festival. However, if you are in Tucson, AZ at the time of TFMF, all selected filmmakers will receive two film festival passes.


Does the Tucson Film & Music Festival need volunteers?
We'd like to think we can do everything ourselves, but we can always use some help. If you are interested in volunteering for TFMF, please email michael@upstairsfilm.com

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