october 4-6, 2019 

Mystify - Michael Hutchence 4, October The Screening Room BOOM: A film about The Sonics 5, October The Screening Room Strange Negotiations 6, October The Screening Room

Mystify: Michael Hutchence
Opening Night Film

Mystify - Michael Hutchence

An intimate portrait of INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence, a complex and shy man who spent the bulk of his life in the public eye, rarely revealing his true self to anyone except his very close friends. Follow his journey from his early years in Australia, to the peaks of global rock stardom and finally to the depths of depression, triggered by a freak accident that ultimately led his suicide at age 37. The documentary, directed by close friend and former INXS music video director Richard Lowenstein, features recollections from U2 frontman Bono, Hutchence’s former girlfriends Kylie Minogue, Michele Bennett, and Helena Christensen, and INXS band members Andrew Farriss, Tim Farriss, Garry Gary Beers and Jon Farriss, among others.



Mystify - Michael Hutchence (Arizona Premiere)
Directed by Richard Lowenstein
Passion Pictures / Dogwoof
AUS/2019/108 min



Boom: The Sonics
Centerpiece Film

BOOM: A film about The Sonics

The Sonics were one of rock 'n'roll's wildest and most influential bands and for the first time, all five original members of the band tell the true story of how it all went down. BOOM takes a deep dive into the legacy of this seminal band, exploring how five guys from the Pacific Northwest shaped music for decades to come (whether it was apparent at the time or not) and became a worldwide phenomenon 50-years after their heyday. Featuring interviews with homegrown heroes and breakthrough artists including Pearl Jam, Heart, Mudhoney, and many more.



BOOM: A film about The Sonics (Tucson Premiere)
Directed by Jordan Albertsen
USA/2018/84 min.

Strange Negotiations
Closing Night Film


After renouncing his long-held Christian beliefs and walking away from his critically-acclaimed band, Pedro The Lion, musician David Bazan retreated into a solitary life of touring solo, struggling to rebuild his worldview and career from the ground-up, and to support his family of four. Strange Negotiations Film finds David a decade into his journey, during which he has become a sort of reluctant prophet to Americans reeling from their country’s own crisis of faith highlighted during the 2016 presidential election.



Strange Negotiations (Arizona Premiere)
Directed by Brandon Vedder
Aspiration Entertainment
USA/2019/92 min

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