october 4-6, 2019 

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6. Short Films
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The Pirate Cruncher (World Premiere)

An old fiddler tells a crew of pirates about an island with hidden treasure guarded by the terrible Pirate-Cruncher. Will their greed overcome their fear?   The Pirate Cruncher (World Premiere) Directed by Paul Conner University of Colorado Denver USA/2017/10...  Read More »

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Get up early, take your vitamins, drink lots of water, exercise and wipe the sand off your face. Sand (Southwest Premiere) Produced & Directed by Arjan Brentjes NETHERLANDS/2017/5 min www.arjanbrentjes.nl/sand Trailer: ...  Read More »

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Coyote Story

This is a Chippewa story about how Coyote tricks Ducks. Narrated in Ojibwe-Odawa Legend with the intent of bringing Native American stories to wider audiences and also preserving language and culture. Coyote Story (Arizona Premiere) Directed by Daniel Seman Crow Animations USA/2016/5...  Read More »

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Tav Falco: Make Me Know You’re Mine

Tav Falco is a self-propelled man of constant motion. The free-spirited, Arkansas-born entertainer has been touring the world as a self-proclaimed "art-action provocateur" for over three decades. In "Tav Falco: Make Me Know Your Mine," filmmakers JP Olsen and Kristen Nutile follow the mercurial Falco as he begins his 2015 North American...  Read More »

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Marieke explores the life and craft of Marieke Penterman, acclaimed Dutch Gouda cheesemaker from Thorp, Wisconsin. Marieke (Southwest Premiere) Directed by Thomas C. Johnson USA/2017/7...  Read More »

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An audio-visual essay that presents various aspects of energy to make the poetry of the physical world visible. Energy (Southwest Premiere) Directed by Martin Gerigk GERMANY/2017/9 min. www.martin-gerigk.de Trailer: Facebook:...  Read More »

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A Town Divided (World Premiere)

Residents of tiny Patagonia, AZ are bitterly divided over a new mining project. Half of the town supports the mining company, believing the project will bring jobs and spur economic growth. The other half say the mine will have a devastating impact on the environment and the town. Tensions rise as the mining company starts to expand its...  Read More »

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After her husband commits suicide, a single mother becomes an escort to financially support herself and her son. But is money the most important thing in life? Two (Southwest Premiere) Produced & Directed by James Latimer JAPAN/2017/7 min www.facebook.com/twoshortfilmjapan Trailer: ...  Read More »

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To Be Free

In a tiny after-hours club, Nina Simone finds a way, for one moment, to be free. To Be Free (Southwest Premiere) Directed by Adepero Oduye The Light / Harbor Picture Company USA/2017/12...  Read More »

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Frankie thinks she has it all figured out. But as the clock counts down to midnight this New Year's Eve, she learns something that changes everything. Resolutions (Southwest Premiere) Directed by Tamara Fisch Resolutions Film, Inc. USA/2017/15...  Read More »

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