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 October 7-9, 2016 

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Short Doc Mix
Category: Short Doc Mix

All The Little Children

A spirited young boy and his great uncle live off the land with their close-knit community in the hills of rural Grenada. All The Little Children (Southwest Premiere) Directed by Noah Dickinson USA/2016/15...  Read More »

Category: Short Doc Mix

Bajo Tierra

Often ignored by the fellow residents of his small town of Ortiguiera, a simple and unusual man lives below the town's cemetery and is the cross-bearer for the town’s most cherished religious celebration – the festival of their Patron Saint. Bajo Tierra (Southwest Premiere) Directed by Biliana & Marina Grozdanova El Jinete...  Read More »

Category: Short Doc Mix


36 years ago in Hakata, Japan a rock band called THE KIDS first took to the stage, and they are still rocking today. Being THE KIDS (West Coast Premiere) Produced and Directed by Miwa Ono JAPAN/2016/15 min. www.imdb.com/title/tt5841516/   ...  Read More »

Category: Short Doc Mix

Documentary Shorts Program

An eclectic mix of documentary short films. (Q&A with filmmakers). Featuring the following films: The King's Last Song The Call From The Sea Being THE KIDS Bajo Tierra All The Little...  Read More »

Category: Short Doc Mix

The Call From The Sea

Filmed among the Bajau people of Indonesia, The Call From the Sea addresses the future of our oceans and what we are leaving behind. The Call From The Sea (North American Premiere) Directed by Taylor McNulty PaDoc Productions USA/2016/15...  Read More »

Category: Short Doc Mix

The King’s Last Song

  Documenting Cambodia's King Norodom Sihanouk’s 2012 funeral, the film captures the colorful pageantry and centuries-old traditions, while affirming the timeless and resilient qualities of Cambodian music and dance.   The King's Last Song (Southwest Premiere) Directed by John Pirozzi A Harmony, Primitive Nerd &...  Read More »

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