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 October 7-9, 2016 

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TFMF_ Last Days short film
Category: All Films

Last Days

A veteran tailor has one month to find solutions to his financial problems before he is evicted. Will salvation lie with some new young customers? Last Days (Southwest Premiere) Directed by Arturo León Llerena Mailuki Films SPAIN/2016/14...  Read More »

Category: 6. Narrative Shorts Program

Narrative Shorts

Various Premieres. Texting, work and life in Arizona. (Q&A with filmmakers). Featuring the following films: Bolos Texting My Ex Team Work Last Days Hotel Arizona Auto-Cowrecked ...  Read More »

TFMF_Team Work_charlie-sue
Category: All Films

Team Work

A sadistic middle-manager and his tortured team of misanthropes force an enthusiastic team-building consultant to question his job. Can it be that some teams just don’t work? Team Work (Tucson Premiere) Directed by Michael Toubassi Upstairs Film USA/2015/15...  Read More »

Category: All Films

Texting My Ex

Mark and Carly broke up years ago, but they are lonely and sad and have fully charged cell phones to make bad choices with. Texting My Ex (Southwest Premiere) Directed by Lawrence Le 4 Circle Films USA/2016/9...  Read More »

Bajau  stilt homes
Category: Short Doc Mix

The Call From The Sea

Filmed among the Bajau people of Indonesia, The Call From the Sea addresses the future of our oceans and what we are leaving behind. The Call From The Sea (North American Premiere) Directed by Taylor McNulty PaDoc Productions USA/2016/15...  Read More »

TFMF16_The King's Last Song
Category: Short Doc Mix

The King’s Last Song

  Documenting Cambodia's King Norodom Sihanouk’s 2012 funeral, the film captures the colorful pageantry and centuries-old traditions, while affirming the timeless and resilient qualities of Cambodian music and dance.   The King's Last Song (Southwest Premiere) Directed by John Pirozzi A Harmony, Primitive Nerd &...  Read More »

The Promised Band_TFMF_album_cover
Category: 4. Features

The Promised Band

The Promised Band is the story of a fake rock band comprised of Israeli and Palestinian women who have decided that, despite their dubious musical talent, a music group is the best cover story to meet and interact with each other. Aided by a naive but well-meaning American TV producer, the unlikely musicians have to cross borders,...  Read More »

We've Forgotten More Than We Ever Knew
Category: 4. Features

We’ve Forgotten More Than We Ever Knew

In the aftermath of an unknown calamity, two survivors travel through a hostile wilderness, guided only by a distant memory of home. When they stumble upon the ruins of a vanished society, everything they believe is called into question, threatening their relationship and their future. Starring Louisa Krause, Aaron Stanford and Doug Jones...  Read More »

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