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 October 7-9, 2016 

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4. Features
Category: 4. Features

Dead Bullet

A destitute gambler doubles down in a game of love and violence when he attempts to buy a second chance with a past lover by selling stolen casino chips to ruthless criminals. However, the stakes are quickly raised as the gambler discovers he has made the worst bet of this life. Dead Bullet (World Premiere) Directed by Erik Reese The...  Read More »

Category: 4. Features

Gary Numan: Android in La La Land

An intimate biopic about the electronic artist Gary Numan, Android In La La Land explores love and second chances for Numan as he moves his family to Los Angeles while recording and touring his newest album, Splinter. With exclusive access to the Numan family as they unpack in California, the story unfolds at home, in the studio and on the...  Read More »

Category: 4. Features

The Promised Band

The Promised Band is the story of a fake rock band comprised of Israeli and Palestinian women who have decided that, despite their dubious musical talent, a music group is the best cover story to meet and interact with each other. Aided by a naive but well-meaning American TV producer, the unlikely musicians have to cross borders,...  Read More »

Category: 4. Features

We’ve Forgotten More Than We Ever Knew

In the aftermath of an unknown calamity, two survivors travel through a hostile wilderness, guided only by a distant memory of home. When they stumble upon the ruins of a vanished society, everything they believe is called into question, threatening their relationship and their future. Starring Louisa Krause, Aaron Stanford and Doug Jones...  Read More »

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