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 October 7-9, 2016 

festival schedule
Category: All Films


Physics and the creative process collide when an engineer has one week to create a 4D printer. But if the fourth dimension is time, what would that look like? 4D (Southwest Premiere) Directed by Laurence Rosier Staines AUSTRALIA/2016/7...  Read More »

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A man's auto-correct goes rogue and turns his life into a disaster. Auto-Cowrecked (Southwest Premiere) Directed by Hannah Leder Produced by George Beckerman, Mike Musante USA/2016/8...  Read More »

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A girl and her sister pine for the days of the once Wild West. Bolos (Arizona Premiere) Directed by Peche Roberts USA/2016/6 min.

Category: 4. Features

Gary Numan: Android in La La Land

An intimate biopic about the electronic artist Gary Numan, Android In La La Land explores love and second chances for Numan as he moves his family to Los Angeles while recording and touring his newest album, Splinter. With exclusive access to the Numan family as they unpack in California, the story unfolds at home, in the studio and on the...  Read More »

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Hotel Arizona

Forty miles south of the U.S./Mexico border, Flor helps her mother run a hotel for migrants getting ready to walk into the United States. Increasingly frustrated with the guides who rob, rape, and abandon her guests, she starts writing reviews on the bunk beds in the hotel -- a bold move in an economy heavily invested in its own...  Read More »

Category: All Films

Last Days

A veteran tailor has one month to find solutions to his financial problems before he is evicted. Will salvation lie with some new young customers? Last Days (Southwest Premiere) Directed by Arturo León Llerena Mailuki Films SPAIN/2016/14...  Read More »

Category: 6. Narrative Shorts Program

Narrative Shorts

Various Premieres. Texting, work and life in Arizona. (Q&A with filmmakers). Featuring the following films: Bolos Texting My Ex Team Work Last Days Hotel Arizona Auto-Cowrecked ...  Read More »

Category: All Films

Team Work

A sadistic middle-manager and his tortured team of misanthropes force an enthusiastic team-building consultant to question his job. Can it be that some teams just don’t work? Team Work (Tucson Premiere) Directed by Michael Toubassi Upstairs Film USA/2015/15...  Read More »

Category: All Films

Texting My Ex

Mark and Carly broke up years ago, but they are lonely and sad and have fully charged cell phones to make bad choices with. Texting My Ex (Southwest Premiere) Directed by Lawrence Le 4 Circle Films USA/2016/9...  Read More »

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