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 october 5-7, 2018 

festival schedule
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A Town Divided (World Premiere)

Residents of tiny Patagonia, AZ are bitterly divided over a new mining project. Half of the town supports the mining company, believing the project will bring jobs and spur economic growth. The other half say the mine will have a devastating impact on the environment and the town. Tensions rise as the mining company starts to expand its...  Read More »

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Casamance: the soundtrack of a journey.

Spanish singer-songwriter and member of Tucson-based band Calexico Jairo Zavala (aka DePedro), seeks out his African and Latin American roots in this compelling documentary. DePedro journeys to Senegal in search of the music of legendary “griot” (troubadour) Lamine Konté, whom he listened to as a boy. Featuring performances and jam...  Read More »

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Coyote Story

This is a Chippewa story about how Coyote tricks Ducks. Narrated in Ojibwe-Odawa Legend with the intent of bringing Native American stories to wider audiences and also preserving language and culture. Coyote Story (Arizona Premiere) Directed by Daniel Seman Crow Animations USA/2016/5...  Read More »

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An audio-visual essay that presents various aspects of energy to make the poetry of the physical world visible. Energy (Southwest Premiere) Directed by Martin Gerigk GERMANY/2017/9 min. www.martin-gerigk.de Trailer: Facebook:...  Read More »

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Marieke explores the life and craft of Marieke Penterman, acclaimed Dutch Gouda cheesemaker from Thorp, Wisconsin. Marieke (Southwest Premiere) Directed by Thomas C. Johnson USA/2017/7...  Read More »

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Get up early, take your vitamins, drink lots of water, exercise and wipe the sand off your face. Sand (Southwest Premiere) Produced & Directed by Arjan Brentjes NETHERLANDS/2017/5 min www.arjanbrentjes.nl/sand Trailer: ...  Read More »

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Shoot in Any Direction and You’ll Hit a Bastard

A deranged Union officer tracks an infamous gunfighter to recover a fistful of dollars. Not even the territory's most ruthless bounty killer can stop the mad Colonel's bloody trail through the Southwest. Shoot in Any Direction and You’ll Hit a Bastard (Arizona Premiere) Written & Directed by Brahm Taylor Dinosorceress...  Read More »

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Tav Falco: Make Me Know You’re Mine

Tav Falco is a self-propelled man of constant motion. The free-spirited, Arkansas-born entertainer has been touring the world as a self-proclaimed "art-action provocateur" for over three decades. In "Tav Falco: Make Me Know Your Mine," filmmakers JP Olsen and Kristen Nutile follow the mercurial Falco as he begins his 2015 North American...  Read More »

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The Heist

Two handsome master criminals are trying to pull off a big heist so they're putting together the most incredible heist team that has ever heist teamed before. The Heist (Arizona Premiere) Directed by Luke Harris Last Hurrah USA/2017/5...  Read More »

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The Icarus Line Must Die

Joe Cardamone, front man of notorious punk bad boys The Icarus Line struggles to keep his band, his relationship and his life from completely falling apart in this fictional take on the real LA underground music scene. With Ariel Pink, Keith Morris (Black Flag/Circle Jerks), Pearl Charles, Melissa Brooks (The Aquadolls), Justin Pearson,...  Read More »

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