october 4-6, 2019 

Sun Bones

Sun Bones is an indie “chamber punk” band based in Tucson, AZ, making a name for themselves with intricate, soaring four-part harmonies and a quirky, energetic live show.

The band consists of three men and one woman with plenty of classical training between them. Guitarist Sam Golden spent a lifetime studying violin and ended up with a degree in music composition. Bassist Bob Hanshaw grew up singing in various choirs, eventually studying composition in college. Drummer Seth Vietti is also a pianist and orchestral percussionist. All of them sing in this band. Guitarist and keyboardist Laura Kepner-Adney trained at Oberlin Conservatory, and just concluded seven years in Arizona’s award-winning vocal group Silver Thread Trio. And in addition to being Sun Bones, they all perform in (or direct) a variety of choirs and instrumental ensembles around Tucson.

The quintet manage to subvert all this formal training into nimble, refreshingly unpretentious indie rock. From cheeky pop melodies to complex rhythmic and contrapuntal interplay; from noise to driving chords to whispering acoustic guitar, they cover a broad territory — always coming back home to the vibrant sounds of their city, which is currently undergoing something of a musical renaissance.



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