october 4-6, 2019 

Andrew Collberg

Ever since Andrew Collberg was a child, he has been passionate about making music, writing songs, and playing shows. He has proven to have what it takes to make these dreams come true: talent, devotion, creativity and dedication. He spends most of his time at home writing & working on his new songs, making time to even see his friends a rarity. However, this has been the case for Andrew most of his life. He was 8 when he discovered his love for music, 16 the first time he won a band contest, 18 when he debuted his first album, and 22 when he created “On The Wreath”- an album full of catchy and guitar oriented songs, and gems many a hyped UK band would build their entire career upon. Andrew is not British, though. His hometown is Tucson, Arizona, and the opinion leaders in Great Britain haven’t discovered this lively scene in the Southwest US. Andrew Collberg belongs to a group of incredibly talented musicians such as Brian Lopez, Sergio Mendoza and Gabriel Sullivan, who have already set foot in Europe on their legendary “Tucson Songs“ Tour in 2012.



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